105: “Good Cop, Bad Cop”

What characters are we thankful for this year? Is this ruling legally binding? And just how relatable is committing arson at your high school? We burn through these questions and more as we watch Season 5, Episode 16 of Family Matters.

Season 6 Recap

Who is the internet’s favorite Family Matters character? When does Urkel really take over the show? And what do you know about the episodes of this season and not another season?

81: “The Gun”

CONTENT WARNING: This episode includes gun violence in a more serious way than even we were anticipating. If you have to skip this one because the world is what it is, we understand. But if you want to, you can find out what Muse song David put into a Six Flags show (we’re serious about this, too) as we discuss Season 6, Episode 15 of Family Matters. 

16: “Stevil II: This Time He’s Not Alone”

What. Why. How is it MOVING JESUS CHRIST. These exclamations and more as we share our dreams about Family Matters Season 9, Episode 7. (Just in time for the holiday season!)