Special Episode: John Complains About THAT Movie

 Yo listen up here’s a story about a little guy that lives in a blue world and all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue. It’s John. He blue (da ba dee) because this week we’re getting in our own shuttle and opening Pandora’s box, baby. 

105: “Good Cop, Bad Cop”

What characters are we thankful for this year? Is this ruling legally binding? And just how relatable is committing arson at your high school? We burn through these questions and more as we watch Season 5, Episode 16 of Family Matters.

35: “The Jury”

What is the most important vitamin for bone density? How much are bouillon cubes worth? And is this a…competent episode? We mustache these questions and more as we watch Season 8, Episode 12 of Family Matters.