85: “Miracle On Elm Street”

Does this show believe in Santa? Do they meet the high Christmas standard this year? And who was the real Santa Claus all along? We get our jollies discussing these questions and more as we watch Season 6, Episode 11 of Family Matters.

71: “Home Sweet Home”

Does Season 6 start (end) with a bang or a bust? Has anyone gotten hired in Hollywood because of their famous parents? And why doesn’t Urkle know the difference between those bugs? We worm our way through Season 6, Episode 25 of Family Matters.

60: “Fa La La La Laagghh”

Is this the closest we’ll get to lining up a holiday episode? How much street cred does Urkel have? And is this the one with the animated toy or the one with the real animated man that the animated toy is based on? We buzz through these questions and more as we watch Season 7, Episode 11 of Family Matters.