22: “Out With The Old”

Who shows up that we didn’t expect? Who doesn’t show up but definitely freaking should? How does this episode set up (almost) everything wrong with Season 9? We hide on top of a chair from the answers to these questions and more while covering Season 9, Episode 1 of Family Matters.

1. 215: “Lost In Space, Part 2”

We begin to answer one of the biggest questions of the 1990s: “Why is Steve in space?” And somehow so many more are raised. Who is that kid? Who is this lady? And what – dear god – is a Crispy Critter?  It all starts here. At the end.  Podcast: YouTube:

Welcome to Jumping The Shuttle

It’s here! We’re sorry! You’ll probably agree that watching Family Matters backwards – starting with the series finale “Lost In Space, Pt 2” and counting down to the series premiere – was an odd decision. So we wanted an episode where we explained why we decided to do this. We also talk about our historiesContinue reading “Welcome to Jumping The Shuttle”