78: “My Uncle The Hero”

How do you wind down before bed? Is this the 90s version of The Three Stooges? And does any of this make sense to anyone? We clip through these questions and more as we watch Season 6, Episode 18 of Family Matters.

Season 7 Recap

We did it! We’re a third of the way through this godforsaken experiment and we’ve got lots to talk about. There’s favorite/least favorite episodes, an MVP tournament, presents, and a teaser. What more could you ask for? It’s the Season 7 wrap-up of Family Matters.

63: “Talk’s Cheap”

Is this how reality casting actually works? Will this episode be enough to save Tiffany from the chopping block? And how have we not talked about Stefan’s junk yet? We prick through these questions and more (with Alyssa Grant Kenny) as we watch Season 7, Episode 8 of Family Matters.