All of Family Matters. Backwards.

We’re trying to find out where good shows go bad.
And if this was ever a good show to begin with.

Quentin Tarantino, HBO's Chernobyl, the Nickelodeon Magazine commercial, and an Animorphs book.

38: “Home Again”

Is Steve responsible for the Chernobyl disaster? Whose side are you taking in the great pizza wars? And why is this episode of the podcast hosted by Quentin Tarantino? We extract the nut meat from these questions and more as we watch Season 8, Episode 9 of Family Matters…OKAY?!

Danny DeVito's character from Space Jam, Will Ferrell in The Landlord, flip phones in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and McLovin's drivers license in Superbad.

37: “Nightmare At Urkel Oaks”

Is this the thirstiest Alex has ever been? Will we finally get a break from You-Know-Who? And did Eddie will Big Daddy Urkel into existence? We incept these questions and more as we discuss Season 8, Episode 10 of Family Matters.

Sinbad from the fake Shazaam movie, Walter White's catch phrase, don't be a rectangle from Pulp Fiction, and a TMNT freeze frame high five.

36: “Chick-A-Boom”

What’s the difference between fraud and stealing? Was there a face blindness epidemic in late ’90s Chicago? And can David actually start giving a shit? We jingle all the way through these questions and more as we watch Season 8, Episode 11 of Family Matters. 

Ryan Gosling in the Avatar Papyrus SNL sketch, Milk Duds, bouillon cubes, and Pokemon cards.

35: “The Jury”

What is the most important vitamin for bone density? How much are bouillon cubes worth? And is this a…competent episode? We mustache these questions and more as we watch Season 8, Episode 12 of Family Matters.


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We say words in places.

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