All of Family Matters. Backwards.

We’re trying to find out where good shows go bad.
And if this was ever a good show to begin with.

111: “Car Wars”

Who has the most fuckable car? Which one of us is colorblind as shit? And how is John’s internet connection? We zoom through these questions and more as we watch Season 5, Episode 9 of Family Matters.

Special Episode: John Complains About THAT Movie

 Yo listen up here’s a story about a little guy that lives in a blue world and all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue. It’s John. He blue (da ba dee) because this week we’re getting in our own shuttle and opening Pandora’s box, baby. 

110: “All The Wrong Moves”

Which video game franchise is due for a big comeback? How smart is a Smart Fridge? And what’s the most energy efficient way to make pocorn? We pop through these questions and more as we watch Season 5, Episode 10 of Family Matters.

109: “Christmas Is Where The Heart Is”

What kind of women get the most excited about the holidays? What compelled John to do some research? And which leftovers are socially acceptable to eat cold? We wear our most questionable Christmas pajamas as we discuss Season 5, Episode 11 of Family Matters.


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