All of Family Matters. Backwards.

We’re trying to find out where good shows go bad.
And if this was ever a good show to begin with.

Tom Hanks in Cloud Atlas, Help Computer from Fensler Films' G.I. Joe parodies, Steve Martin from The Jerk, and Macho Man Randy Savage from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man.

24: “The Brother Who Came To Dinner”

Has Reginald VelJohnson ever used a computer? Which came first: this episode or Dune? And is there a clown credential program? We squeeze into a Volkswagen Beetle to find out the answers to these questions and more as we watch Season 8, Episode 23 of Family Matters.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Microsoft Encarta '95. Old lady Rose from James Cameron's Titanic. Pirates Dinner Adventure in Buena Park, CA.

23: “A Pirate’s Life For Me”

Where is Steven Q. Urkel? Wait, when is Steven Q. Urkel? No, WHY IS STEVEN Q. URKEL?! We travel through time to try to answer all of these questions and so many more while discussing the Season 8 finale of Family Matters.

Too Many Cooks logo. The puppet from Saw. CW McCall. And VCR Plus.

Season 9 Recap

Relax. Pour yourself a drink. Listen to us relaxing too much and drinking probably too much, too. Because we made it through watching all of Season 9 of Family Matters backwards.

The popcorn scene from Troll 2. Jaleel White hocking chips. Dr. Steve Brule. I'm the Captain now.

22: “Out With The Old”

Who shows up that we didn’t expect? Who doesn’t show up but definitely freaking should? How does this episode set up (almost) everything wrong with Season 9? We hide on top of a chair from the answers to these questions and more while covering Season 9, Episode 1 of Family Matters.


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We say words in places.

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